Lonerider Spirits Bundled Bourbon Cocktail Box - 12 Month Gift Subscription

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This box is available now through August 15 - subscribe to get yours! August 22 we will begin shipping out the first box and we plan on possibly shipping a second round of shipping on August 29 due to the COVID-19 pandemic. We also offer 3-month, 6-month and 12-month gift subscriptions.

3 cocktail recipes are included in each box with enough to make 4 cocktails per recipe for a total of 12 cocktails! That's around $4.50 per cocktail shipped to you monthly!

Read more about the cocktails in the box here!

Bourbon is America's drink and we at Lonerider Spirits founded the company on making the best bourbon possible. We looked at the marketplace and noted that cocktail boxes covered the entire gamut of spirits, but no cocktail box really drilled down into a specific type of alcohol and really explored it. Until now with the introduction of the Lonerider Spirits "Bundled Bourbon Cocktail Box". We're going to focus on bourbon and it's versatility in an exclusively themed cocktail box for bourbon lovers.

We're located in North Carolina, so we can't ship bourbon to consumers. However, we can ship you ingredients to make your bourbon taste amazing at home.  Three different cocktail recipes will be shipped to you each month, so you can experiment at your own bar making some high quality bourbon cocktails. Also, we're going to include a free "mystery" gift. The free gift may help you make better cocktails, it may be something sweet like bourbon chocolates or possibly a piece of swag from Lonerider Spirits that you can wear while making your concoctions!

Each month we will be exploring the different flavors of cocktails made exclusively with bourbon. One month will feature sweet cocktails, the next month spicy and we'll keep going... Also, we realize that for the holiday's you may want a bourbon punch or for the Labor Day barbecue you may want something that is frosty and frozen. We will have you covered with that special themed box, fellow bourbon lover!

No alcohol is in this box - we will tell you what to provide in the kit instructions!